Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A world more nonviolent

The Himsamukt Bharat campaign for a violence free world met on the 6th of Aug 09 at Shobhit University, New Delhi deeply concerned at the emerging threat where the citizens are caught in the crossfires of social unrest, violence and terror and the civil society remains a mute and helpless spectator. This situation, we felt, does not augur well for the country’s democratic traditions and orderly development and progress and therefore we passed a resolution :

“This day, 6th August 2009 on the solemn occasion of the 64th anniversary of Hiroshima atomic bombing, being deeply concerned with the emerging threats of social unrest, violence and terror, we having assembled here at University Tower, Shobhit University, New Delhi, hereby resolve to support and institute an independent Citizens’ Commission on Justice, Dialogue and Reconciliation.”

The next steps include urgent steps for raising consciousness in civil society to be followed by direct action and a visit to violence prone areas.

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